S & Brother is a flat knit industry. In the year 2006 we started our journey with 3 auto flatknit machine & now we have 120 unit of both auto and computerized semi jackerd machine in hand & few are about to be added, our current work is of 16000 sft. During the journey we never compromised with our business ethic i.e. quality shipment & on time delivery, keeping the quality shipment in mind; we treats every job as our first job & always provides in house support to our valued customer therefore, we find our customer beside us from the day we started till date.

Though our business type is treated as a backword linkage supportive industry, we focused to maintain compliant environment in our factory since the beginning. As a result, many of our worker who joined with are still with here.

We maintain preventive & protective quality policy during production. We have maintenance taem to support the production flow.

Beside available power supply, our power system is under our control by a diesel generator having a capacity of 100kva from world reknown brand DOYES (Germany).

Currently we are working basic level (Collar, Cuff, Rib, Waist band etc.) of flat knit sector though we have a vision to drive forword..